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Vetti Thoughts

Published March 3, 2017 by Bingo's Mom

The process of putting baby A to sleep will take from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Sometimes I think about what to prepare for next meal. Sometime about Bingo. Sometimes about my thoppai. Sometimes about my career AND if there is any time left, I will think about BD. Very rarely I listen to music.

One of those rare situation happened yesterday and I was listening to ‘maya machindra’ and there started this vetti thought. About Shankar. Director Shankar. About his poor casting of actors in his films. I always wondered, being one of the top directors in the industry, what will be the problem for him to fix proper actors for his script. See this:

Jeans – Aishwarya ok but Prashant?

Indian – Kamal ok but Manisha and Urmila?

Mudhalvan – Arjun ok but Manisha?

Boys – No comments

Anniyan – Vikram ok but Sadha?

Sivaji – Thalaivar (No questions here) ok but Shreya?

Nanban – Again no comments.

Endhiran – Thalaivar (No comments again) but Aishwarya?

I – Vikaram ok but Amy?

2.0 – Again Amy.

Why Shankar saar? Why?

P.S. While writing this, one more interesting thought came to my mind (yes, I am THAT vetti. Thank you.)

Shankar initially went on choosing Maniratnam’s heroine.

Madhubala – Roja – Gentleman

Aishwarya – Iruvar – Jeans

Manisha – Bombay – Indian

With that today’s mokkai is over. Let’s meet again when I get thought-provoking post like this.