Published January 5, 2017 by Bingo's Mom

I am writing this right after reading Maya’s post.

Few days back I was doing multitasking of feeding baby A and doing laundry and folding previous day’s cloths and chopping vegetables for dinner and boiling milk for Bingo and clearing up the mess around AND trying to put baby A to sleep. Bingo came to me and asked to help her doing in doing some craft. I repeatedly told her to wait and I went on with my work.

She waited for almost one hour and again came calling me where I was trying to put baby A to sleep (She was refusing to sleep for the reason known to her). When Bingo came inside, the half slept baby A woke up fully and started to cry. I lost my mind and started shouting at both of them. Yes, both of them. Baby A for not sleeping and Bingo for calling me again and again.

I shouted saying I can’t manage both of you anymore. I have lots of work. Whom do you think will finish everything and blah blah. Bingo went quietly to the living room. In about 2 minutes I felt really bad and went to her. I sat next to her keeping baby A in my lap.

I said sorry to Bingo and explained her politely that I have few works to finish and then I would come and help her. She smiled at me and asked politely, ‘mummy, it’s very hard for you to manage both of us no? Shall I go to P’s house and stay with them?’ Tears started rolling out of my eyes. I felt very bad for making her to think like that.

Though she forgot everything in next few minutes, I am still feeling guilty. We are sure blessed with amazing kids. It’s up to us to take care of those precious little souls.


9 comments on “Bingo

  • Hugs BM.. big big hugs!!! I tell you this mommy guilt is going to kill us someday.. I went through the same 2 days ago dear and made up for it yesterday evening but the guilt is still there!!!

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