My Pregnancy Story

Published January 4, 2017 by Bingo's Mom

When I missed my period I could predict that I was pregnant. No surreal feeling and all. I felt sick and couldn’t eat anything. We went to doctor to confirm and it was confirmed when I was just 35 days pregnant. My brother and his wife was here at that time. They were surprised and happy. My SIL didn’t let me do any work and I took rest for about one week.

I was hungry all the time during my pregnancy. It continued till little A was born. I ate and ate and ate but surprisingly I didn’t put on weight while the baby was gaining weight normally.

We celebrated Tamil new year in our apartment and I was in organising committee. Everyone in the group pampered and took care of me. A very special mention to N. She cooked all my favourite dishes. I almost had lunch at her home everyday and on top of that she took care of Bingo too.

During the month of July my in-laws came and I left to my parents’ place leaving Bingo and BD. A big big thanks to my in-laws. I know my MIL suffered a lot managing school going Bingo and office going BD in spite of her knee pain.

Once I reach my mother’s place all I did was eating and sleeping. My typical day was like this:

Early morning – 1/2 litres of milk with mother’s horlicks

Breakfast – Staple South Indian breakfast with 2 or 3 side dishes and coconut water


Mid Morning – 2 cups of juice


Lunch – Elaborate meal with 2 or 3 veggies for side dish


Evening – Any freshly made tiffin with 1/2 litre mother’s horlicks


Dinner – Anything I ask

Post dinner – 1/2 litre mother’s horlicks

uff.. I put on weight… duh. When I left Hyderabad I was 66 kg and I went up to 74 kg

Then those regular visit to doctor… Oh wait! I think I can tell the rest of the story later. I forgot we are in marathon 😀


4 comments on “My Pregnancy Story

  • I think you are doing all that is possible to be officially called as and will be forced to change your blog name as “bongu mom”.. at least change title to Part 1 or something.. Even a mega serial would have shown little bit more in one episode.. ponga bongu mom..

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