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‘Bum… Bum… Bum… Aarambum. 

Published November 21, 2016 by Bingo's Mom

Bingo now-a-days asking more questions and clarifications. Also, I left her with my MIL for a month during my pregnancy so she learnt Tamil and now she is asking translation for English words. 

Once she asked what’s in Tamil for ‘bum’. I told her I don’t know because she will definitely use the word when she speaks in Tamil. 

And was asking few of my friends during casual conversation. Our cute SS came with an answer and I rolled on the floor laughing for about 5 minutes. You want to laugh too? Ok, here is her answer:

Tamil – bummu

Telugu – bummulu

Kannada – bumma 

Malayalam – bumme

And I told the same to Bingo 😀