Bingo’s Birth Story – Day 20

Published January 20, 2016 by Bingo's Mom

I quit my job. My in-laws came to visit me and stayed till my first trimester got over. I had severe nausea and morning sickness but after 3 months I had no issue with my health. I went to my mom’s place at 7th month.

There was a confusion in my due date. Initially it was calculated as August 1 but after scanning and all they told it is July 17. I had my seemandham at 9th month only as we waited for my SIL to come from Ireland. July 17 came and went but I didn’t feel anything and I had to visit doctor on 18th. She checked me and told the water level has come down and it is better to do cesarean as I had some problem with induced labour. So, we went home and I informed my in-laws and BD. My in-laws consulted one josiyar and fixed the date and time for delivery. It’s on 20th! We all surprised because that’s BD’s birthday.

BD started from Hyderabad as soon as I told him and he reached on 20th afternoon. The delivery was scheduled at 5.45 in the evening. I went to the hospital on 19th night after dinner. On 20th I was advised to take only breakfast. They have injected me twice to check allergies and I was given enigma in the afternoon. The doctor told me I was 3 cm dilated but I didn’t feel any pain at all.

By the time everyone came to hospital. BD was reluctantly accepting his birthday wishes from everyone. At 5 p.m. I was given hospital dress and wheeled in to the operation theatre at 5.15. I saw everyone and smiled. BD showed thumbs up and my amma went inside the room and started crying (I was told).

When I went inside the doctor introduced everyone in the theatre and asked me whether I would like to have my husband along. BD is a person who faints at the sight of blood. So, I refused. Then the anesthesiologist came and injected me on my back. The doctor was explaining each step to me as they do.

Slowly I drifted off and heard their voice and noises on and off. Suddenly I heard crying noise and I forcefully opened my eyes to see two tiny legs then again I lost conscious. I opened my eyes again and I was told they were stitching me up. I asked them to show my baby. They told I just delivered a girl baby and they have taken her out after cleaning to show it to everyone.

After sometime I was moved back to my room where everyone were congratulating each other and the baby was nowhere to be seen. I felt numbness below my hip. Again I was injected with IV and they clipped my finger to monitor my heart beat.

Finally, Bingo made her entry and I felt nothing, yes, I was happy but apart from that no special feeling as I imagined I would get. The entire night I was put in one particular position. No movement and my amma or nurse took Bingo to me and they made her to drink milk. Once the medicine effect was gone I started feeling the pain which I couldn’t explain now. I was bleeding profusely as well.

Next day morning, the doctor asked me to get down from the bed and I thought she was joking but no. I got down from the bed holding my tummy. From third day I felt better but I got cough which made the pain from worse to worst. You know, when we cough the pressure goes to the tummy and right there I had my stitches. Whenever I feel like coughing, I just close my mouth tightly and drink water to avoid it. phew… what pain it was.

There is some magic with these babies. You forget everything as soon as you see their face. How soothing it is to have them next to you and sleep, feeling the body heat. You just simply stare at them when they sleep… that’s called bliss. And those special smiles they give especially for their mothers… that’s when you feel you conquered the world.


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