Bingo’s Birth Story (Part 1) – Day 19

Published January 19, 2016 by Bingo's Mom

We got married in the year 2007 and Bingo was born in the year 2011. So, between 2008 and 2010 I was encountered by everyone for not having baby. I sometime have irregular periods. So, I decided to consult doctor and she wanted me to do follicular study to check the egg production in my ovaries. She gave me some tablets and asked me to come after 2 weeks.

That time BD went to U.S. for a month so I went to Tamilnadu. Once we came back to Hyderabad, I remembered that I had to visit the doctor. I took an appointment and visited her. She is very famous doctor and even if we take appointment, we have to wait for at least one hour. I took permission from office and I went to the hospital. By the time I reach there it was 12.30 and I made to wait.

After an hour I started feeling hungry but there is no way that I can go out and come back. So, I waited and finally I was called at 2.30 when I went inside she scolded me for not doing the test as mentioned by her. She has the habit of checking her patient’s tummy by scanning it. It’s like checking BP and weight. She checked my tummy and informed me that I need not do the test. All confused I asked why and she told she can see the sac. I was like what? what sac?

Then she asked me to get pregnancy test kit from pharmacy and check it and come back. I did and it was positive. She congratulated me and prescribed some medicines. I came out and went to office and had my lunch first (hehehe) then called BD. I took off and went home and that’s the last day I went to office.

To be continued…


8 comments on “Bingo’s Birth Story (Part 1) – Day 19

  • Now this is exciting, you missed on taking the tests and it actually saved you from any useless investigations and stress.
    Love the smart way you ate first and then went ahead with the rest.
    Eagerly waiting for the remaining story 🙂

  • BM, I can imagine the surprise when you don’t test with HPT and the Dr informs you the big news!! Your expression would have been priceless for sure..
    Btw are you in Hyd too?

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