Birth Story – Day 17

Published January 17, 2016 by Bingo's Mom

My amma was 24 years when she delivered me and I am her third baby. She lost her first son when he was only 3 months. Second is a daughter. Everyone was expecting a baby boy so that my parents’ ‘job’ will be over. One fine morning, amma got labour pain and taken to a separate room in the house. Village nurse was informed and she arrived in no time. There are 4-5 neighbours who are ready to follow her instructions and to help amma. Around 5-6 neighbourhood paatis were waiting to see the ‘boy’ baby’s face.

My amma was going through un-bearable pain while everyone in the house started panicking as her labour goes on for hours. Everyone is eager to see the baby (boy). Amma’s parents were informed and they’re on their way. Exactly at 6.55 in the morning the little baby came to the world and it’s a girl! As soon as they knew it’s a girl half of the paati’s lost interest and went to their house without even seeing the baby. My amma had mixed feeling at that time and she wants her amma to arrive as soon as possible.

My ammamma (mother’s mother) and thatha (mother’s father) arrives and ammamma takes me in her arms and inform my amma that she has just delivered a very beautiful girl and she has never seen such a beauty in her whole life. My amma feels better and smiles at her amma. Thatha comes in and sees his grand-daughter and announces everyone that ‘iva solra pecha than ellarum kekkanum… kekka than poreenga’. My appa, though he was happy, he fears for his amma who was expecting boy baby, sneaks inside the room without his amma’s knowledge to have a talk with his wife.

The paati (my appa’s mother – my nanamma) who was not happy when I was born became my favourite paati and she also ended up showing extra love and care only to me even after my amma delivered a ‘baby boy’ after 2 years of my birth. I remember spending more time with my nanamma than with my amma. Still my amma says ‘porakkum podhe ellaraiyum yemathittu porandhava thane nee’ heheh.

2 comments on “Birth Story – Day 17

  • I don’t remember the story behind my birth nor will my mom . She has a very bad memory when it comes to my childhood 😐😕 But how is it that paternal grandmother is your favorite yaar 🙂 usually we are all pretty close to the mom’s side no…

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