No Vacancy for Mommies – Day 10

Published January 10, 2016 by Bingo's Mom

Last month I have attended an interview. Initial interview was done through phone by HR executive. When i went to the office, I was interviewed by 4 people, one after other. Out of these 5 people 3 of them asked questions about how I am going to manage my daughter. I felt irritated when the director of the company interviewed at the end. She asked these questions:

How I am going to manage my daughter if I come to work?

When I am planning my next baby?

If some emergency comes who will take care of the daughter?

If we call my in-laws or parents to stay here during emergencies, how much time they will take to reach?

Not a single technical question. I refused to accept their offer. I couldn’t give my piece of mind to them as we are, in a way, customer to them.

Today I read this article.

Will they ask the same questions to my husband or any other man during interview? Why only women? And I was advised by some of my relatives that I should come back from office early so that I can finish other chores at home before sleep. I’ll stop here as these thoughts makes my blood boil.


2 comments on “No Vacancy for Mommies – Day 10

  • All the HRs are a piece of shit. In fact, I would start an entire blog called ‘Why I hate HRs’

    The best thing is to give them your piece of mind, I did the same thing in an interview. They asked me if I would leave the job if I got married. I straight away asked me if he would ask a man the same question and he obviously said ‘No’.

    Thats when I brought out my female discrimination card. I told him – If you really differentiate your employees based on their gender, which by the way is completely illegal, then I don’t want to work in your company. In fact, I would very much want to file a report against him and his company.

    He apologized pretty well after that 😀

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