Hair Cut – Day 8

Published January 8, 2016 by Bingo's Mom

I welcomed this year with my brand new hair cut. Last year I decided to grow my hair and didn’t cut my hair at all. It went up to hip and was trying to reach my bum. That’s when i lost my patience. I couldn’t manage the long hair. I agree that i like long hair but in my case my hair is neither straight nor curly. Neither thick nor thin. It’s one dry thenga naar hair. So, I decided to cut it and went to the parlour. I swear, i asked the lady to cut only little hair but at the end half of my hair was gone. I shed two drops of tears. I felt i was cheated. I just wanted to cover my head. While coming back home I thought everyone are staring at me. Here is a picture. 

And this was taken on last October 

In both the photos my hair looks ok only because it underwent the hair dryer for 15 minutes. This look was gone when i applied shampoo. 


19 comments on “Hair Cut – Day 8

  • Whatever I do, my hair will never grow until my hip now. Sigh, gone are the days of long hair for me. My hair is also just like yours – neither straight nor curly and one big thenga naar. Sigh.
    Like your hair cut 🙂

  • Iravin Nirame Iravin Nirame Kaarkaalaththin Moththa Nirame
    Kaakkaich Chiragil Kaanum Nirame Penmai Èzhudhum Kanmai Nirame
    Veyilil Paadum Kuyilin Nirame
    Èllaam Šaerndhu Køøndhal Nirame Èllaam Šaerndhu Køøndhal Nirame

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