Organic Vegetables- Day 6

Published January 7, 2016 by Bingo's Mom

During last summer, when we were eating kilos and kilos of mangoes on daily basis, we made sure we buy only good quality, carbide free mangoes. 

In Hyderabad, you can see hundreds of temporary tents/shops which sells mangoes. While we got to know one person who sells such mangoes, we also came to know that he has a shop where he sells organic vegetables too. 

We bought some veggies on trial basis and we liked it. He has timing for selling vegetables. Every Saturday between 2 to 4. When we went around 3.30 almost all the vegetables are gone. Keeping this in mind we went on the next Saturday at 2 and we were welcomed by a bunch of people who are waiting for the vegetables. Such is the demand for the product. 

My FIL doesn’t believe that it is purely organic. He says he might get it from local market and selling it to us at a higher rate claiming it organic. We find difference in the quality and sincerely hope it is organic. I cannot afford to buy organic rice or pulses. Vegetables are the cheapest considering other organic products and main thing is we get some kind of satisfaction that we are consuming chemical free vegetables. 
P.S. I publishing this under day 6 considering the fact that some part of the world is still in January 6th 😀


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