Say No to Plastics – Day 5

Published January 5, 2016 by Bingo's Mom

When I was young, my mother used to buy horlicks for us to drink and she promptly collects all the bottles after using the powder. She stores masalas, pulses, etc. in that. Bulk items of the same are stored in big stainless steel dabbas. As far as pickles are concerned, it goes into a nice clay pot (two coloured ooruga jaadi.. You remember?).

Even in bathrooms we used steel buckets. We had one big tub (kundaan) in bronze, yes bronze, for rinsing cloths. Actually that was my paati’s.

All groceries comes in a neatly packed paper packets and oils came in bottles (or thooku boni). If we buy new dresses, they pack them in brown colour bag and put it in a cloth bag (manja pai).

It all started in the late ’90s i guess. Plastic everywhere. I mean, without us knowing it went on to all the places. From shopping to kitchen to bathrooms to toys to what not.

BD and I wanted to reduce the plastic usage. BD showed me videos (here and here) which talk about how plastic impacts our lives. And this heartbreaking video. WARNING: Don’t watch if you are sensitive or kind-hearted.

we started segregating our plastics. Kitchen has the most plastic in the house in the form of dabbas, grocery packings, wrappers, milk packets, etc. I first re-arranged kitchen shelves.

It looked like this earlier

and looks like this now.


We started collecting plastic instead of throwing in dust bin. I even collect the milk packets after rinsing it. We kept one box for collecting plastics. I un-pack the groceries and promptly put all the covers in the box. From rava to oil to bread to vegeatbles to everything little thing we get it in a plastic pouch. We use copper jug to store water instead of plastic bottle.

I will not say our house is 100% plastic free. After doing all these I would say we have reduced 30% of plastic usage. Main part is we don’t mix plastic in the garbage.

We can do only if we try.

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