Home Composting – Day 4

Published January 4, 2016 by Bingo's Mom

This was BD’s idea. It all started when we switched from buying normal vegetables to organic vegetables. He got interested in the process of making bio-gas, after reading some article. Then one by one it started. We read more about waste management and re-cycling. In that process we came across a website called daily dump. It had all the information about home composting. We have contacted the person whose number was mentioned in the site for Hyderabad. 

He visited our house and gave us very nice explanation. He also told he quit his IT job to take up this business. We bought the ‘Khamba’ (see picture). It has 3 pots made out of terracotta. The entire kit consists of:

  1. Khamba 

  2. One garden tool

  3. Coco pete

  4. Neem powder

  5. Manure powder


There is another method of composting in which we can even put cooked food waste too. We wanted to go with raw vegetable waste composter. All we need to do is to collect all the vegetable waste from our cooking. We need to put a layer of vegetable peels / wastes, sprinkle bio powder of about 1 tsp, cover it with coco pete, cover it with news paper and close it. Everyday we need to follow this. 

After a month or so we can see no vegetable in the mix. All we can see is the fully composed manure.

We have planted one kanakambaram and one aloe vera plant using this organic manure. I am going to change the normal sand in the pots with this organic one and continue to grow my mint, coriander and methi plants. 

As we are not throwing vegetable wastes our dust bin now almost has only dry waste. I would strongly recommend this for home / kitchen composting. 


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