Driving Classes – Day 3

Published January 3, 2016 by Bingo's Mom

I have signed up for driving classes during last September. It had 1 day of theory class, 5 days of simulation class and 10 days of on road practice. My timing was from 9 to 10 in the morning.

My instructor is a fan of Maniratnam, I believe. He will not talk much. Every answer will be to the point and no extra tips or advises. ‘Madam, press accelerator…. no no madam.. slowly release the clutch and press accelerator.’ When I do that the car will get turned off… hmpf. Then all over from the beginning… ‘Press clutch.. go to first gear (I hardly went on 2nd or 3rd gear and let’s not go there)… and start the car’

Shabaa… Why don’t they make all cars gearless? Anyways… I somehow ‘thattu thadumaari’ finished the classes and by the end of the class I was pretty sure that I can drive the car.

One fine day, we (as in BD and I) took out our car and BD wanted to see my driving skill (!!!). Here is a small introduction about our car. It’s a Maruti 800 (they stopped producing such models now btw), 4 gears type and bought some 10 years ago.

The car which I practiced in driving school was a new model car. You just need to touch and it will work, like gear, accelerator, brake etc. Whereas in our car if we want to change the gear we have to ‘yeri midhichify’ the clutch. Let’s not talk about the brake… bah.

On top that, BD’s instructions and scoldings. ‘Why did you put brake now?’ ‘Do you have any idea to change the gear or will drive the car in second gear forever?’ ‘mmm… change the gear’ ‘go.. go and dash the car’ ‘are you planning to hit that man?’. I gave up.

Not that I am perfect.. I have ‘ifyoudrivethecaryouwilldashonsomeone’ phobia. sigh. One day, definitely one day I am going to drive the car singing ‘ennai konjam maatri… en nenjil unnai ootri’.

27 comments on “Driving Classes – Day 3

  • Andha paatula jeep na varum? **oditten** But don’t say anything about that car OK? *stern look* That poor car carried loads of stuff just six months back remember?!

  • Hi fi BM.. I am also in the same stage. Inspite of the whole world advising me not to take driving lessons from our husbands, I risked to do it when I got married. I have DL in India, but have never touched the car after I got the DL. I use it as my ID only. Here in US inspite of everybody following all rules on the road, having marked lanes, automatic geared car, I am not able to drive. Whenever I try, this fellow next to me keeps shouting all the time. I hardly get a gap to think on my own and act. Before that he shouts, brake.. accelerate.. slow down.. give indicator.. I feel like I have reached some other world. Sob sob. I am J of all the ladies who zoom past me.. I tell myself..Some other day..

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