Happy New Year – Day 1

Published January 1, 2016 by Bingo's Mom

This post is dedicated to the awesome lady Maya aka dreamymommy aka SnS aka Indu.

During November 2013 we (I and BD) were searching for a better and proper school for Bingo. She was going to a small play school nearby. We have decided not to send her to normal academic oriented school where she will be given books, homeworkers etc. We didn’t want her to start writing at the age of 3. So, we decided to send her to some Montessori kind of school.

Upon searching we couldn’t find a better school. All the schools which got good reviews are located on the other side of the city. That’s when I remembered reading a post in Maya’s blog about Ammu & Kuttan’s school. Reluctantly I sent a mail to her enquiring about the same. To my surprise, she replied on the same day. Then I bugged her about more informations and queries. She was sweet enough to send reply to my mails.

When she announced (through RM’s blog) Blogathon, I signed up without even thinking. And that’s the one good thing I did after started blogging. Through the blogathon I got attention for my newly started blog from many bloggers / readers. And, that movie dialogue quiz is the main key for everyone to remember me, I suppose.

I have aplenty to say about her but that’s it for today. Rest of the stories will be told during this blogathon 😀

Happy Weekend!

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