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IMC’s Treasure Box Review

Published June 15, 2015 by Bingo's Mom

Bingo’s recent obsession is to expect surprise from everyone. She loves surprises and that is surely my gene as BD is a person who doesn’t even know the spelling for surprise. Coming to the point, day before yesterday we were out to do some shopping for my SIL and MIL. We had our lunch outside and came back with full tummy and tired. Everyone was in the urge to take some rest whereas Bingo wanted someone to play with her. The intercom bell rang right when I was convincing her to play on her own. The security person informed that we got a courier. The courier person rang the bell after few minutes and when I opened the door he asked for Bingo as the courier came in her name.

Bingo was super excited that she got some parcel on her name. She started jumping up and down shouting, ‘I got a gift… I got a gift’. By the time BD was half asleep. Bingo went to him and started shaking his shoulder and shouted in his ears, ‘surprise… daddy’.

It’s a treasure box from IMC that I had subscribed. It had a book, one DIY painting kit, one recipe card (which is kid friendly and we can involve them in cooking), one app suggestion with some discount on them (I didn’t think there would be any discount for app suggestion).


Within no time she started painting and she ordered me that I should read the book as soon as she finish her painting.


She could not put the dolphin mould perfectly so she didn’t get the shape properly. She blamed me for not helping her.

This is the final outcome.


She really loved it. Thanks to IMC for bringing up such a nice idea.

If you are interested you can buy it here. If you subscribe today you will get 40% off in your first treasure box. Go ahead and subscribe; I am sure you will love it.