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Published April 17, 2015 by Bingo's Mom

She came to kitchen while I was mixing idly batter with salt. I put a dot of idly batter on her nose and we both laughed.

BM – Go to room and see your face in the mirror.

Bingo – You come and switch on the light. It’s dark.

BM – On the other day you told you are brave and can walk into the room when the lights are off, now what happened?

Bingo – But, how can I see my face in dark?

BM – ………

Bingo – Mummy, I want 3 babies.

BM – eh.. what?

Bingo – Everybody in my class has one little sister or little brother. I also want.

BM – But, why 3?

Bingo – One is for me, one is for daddy and one is for you.

BM – yeah, right.

BM – Sleep, Bingo. It’s 8 o clock.

Bingo – No, I want to hear a song.

BM – ok, only one song ok? Which one you want mother goose or diego?

Bingo – ok ena kanamani manani (that’s how she sings this song)

BM – (hides from BD’s stare)

Bingo – Mummy, what are you preparing?

BM – sandwich.

Bingo – Are you giving this to daddy for lunch?

BM – No, today I am not feeling well so, I am not giving lunch to daddy.

Bingo – Don’t do that mummy. All of daddy’s friends will bring lunch. Daddy will feel bad if he is not taking.

BM – !!!