Climbing a Mountain – Part 2 (Day 21)

Published January 21, 2015 by Bingo's Mom

First half an hour went wondering about the place. It was so fresh. No pollution. Cool breeze. Pleasant smell et all. After some time I started gasping continuously as we were climbing up without stopping anywhere. And the path is not with steps or road or something. It’s filled with stones and there is no proper way to walk. We need to walk for sometime and then climb the rocks and then walking on the root of the wild trees and so on. We had one small bag which had few bananas, biscuit packet and a small water bottle. We stopped at one place and ate 2 biscuits each and drank very little water because, we were not sure how many more kilo meters we have to climb and most importantly to control our bladder.

We enjoyed our walk by inhaling fresh air and chatting random stuff. It was creepy to find so many leeches on our way. I got goosebumps every time I spot a leech. At one place I almost saw a snake running while BD told it was my imagination. That stick given by that old man was very helpful. After 2 hours, I walked only with the help of that. It was around 11 a.m. and we could not see any gopurams nearby. We were just walking on the little line what was called path. Suddenly we heard someone whistling. I held BD’s hand I asked him what was that. The sound was coming nearer and we spot a man holding a small bag full of flowers. When we enquired he told he is taking pooja items for the god on top for ‘uchi kaala poojai’. We relieved a bit thinking at least we were travelling in a right path. What astonished me was his speed. He came and went like a storm. Later, we found it is his daily job of climbing up and down of the mountain. Apart from him we found one more couple climbing up and they also went very fast. Later we found they used to come every month. Apart from them we didn’t see any human being all the way.

By the time we reach the temple (which is 3000 feet above from the land level, by the way) it was noon and we finished our darshan and I told god that if at all he is not fulfilling my wish it is not even an easy job for me to come again and fight with him. We were so hungry and we had nothing to eat except banana and coconut. We had them and started climbing down.We had tough time ‘shooing away the monkeys. Climbing down was easy but we had to keep control over our speed. When we reached down the time was 2.15 p.m. Totally six hours of adventurous journey.

We went with our normal slippers which we found the most un-comfortable thing during our trekking. We went there without proper knowledge of the place. That’s the mistake we did. We thought the temple will be like malaikkottai. Last time when my in-laws climbed the mountain was for the first mundan ceremony of BD!!

The stick which helped me: 20122014335 The path: DSC01132

Temple View:


Yours Truly:



Video** for you to show the temple:



** Few photos from google and video from youtube.


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