Food Tag – Day 18

Published January 18, 2015 by Bingo's Mom

While I am struggling to write at least 2 lines everyday for marathon, this awesome lady cooks something.. takes picture and posts recipe. Wow..

And she is sweet enough to create a tag and pass it to me. Here are my answers:


  • Answer these 13 questions.
  • Happily pass it on to others

13 questions:

What is the first dish that you cooked?

Failure attempt: Enna kathrika

Success attempt: Chutney

What is the first dish that you cooked for your better half? (If you are not married, you can tell us what you are planning to cook for him/her)?

Dum Aloo

Which food were you reserved to try first but then liked later it since you acquired the taste?


What is your comfort food?

Idly and curd rice.

Which dish of yours you like the best?

Pav bhaji

Which dish of yours your family likes the best?

Pav bhaji 🙂

What is your favorite street food?

Pani poori and samosa chat.

Tell us about any of your kitchen disaster story.

There are many. One time I thought of rolling the left over maavu, after preparing ribbon pakoda, into seedai. In the next few minutes my kitchen took bath in hot oil. Luckily I just went to soak all the vessels that I used for making pakoda. phew. That was literally a disaster.

Any one or two food confessions 😉 😉

mmm…. nothing coming to my mind now 😉

Apart from basic stuff, like milk, yogurt, veggies what you have in your fridge or in pantry? (Name any 3 items)

you want only 3? There are plenty.

Sambar podi


Diwali legiyam

Bajji bonda mix

Murukku maavu

Horse gram


Powdered elaichi


Any food related or cooking resolutions for this year?

Not a resolution but would like to buy oven.

In our custom when you goto Kasi, you need to give up one of your favorite veggie and fruit. So you cannot eat that veggie or fruit from then on. Which one you would you give up? (It should be your favorite one)

How can I stop eating my favourite veg / fruit??!! Naan kaasikellam pogave maatten.

You need to prepare a 3 course meal for a party? What dishes will be there in your menu?

Baby corn bajji, salad, phulka, dhal, mixed veg. dry subzi, curd rice, Gulab jamun.


As usual, I am passing this tag to everyone who are in this blogathon. Enjoy.


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