Pongal Updates – Day 16

Published January 16, 2015 by Bingo's Mom

This year I was not much interested in ‘celebrating’ pongal. I just thought of doing everything for the sake of doing them. BD was working yesterday. The timing for pooja was 8 – 9 in the morning. Made small rangoli and hung flower on the door as soon as I woke up and took bath. Did some preparation work for making pongal and set pooja place. Prepared ven pongal, chakkarai pongal, coconut thogayal and vadai. Did pooja in a hurry as the time was 8.50. BD ate chakkarai pongal and vadai for breakfast and I packed the same along with ven pongal for lunch. We (includes my parents, brother and Bingo) had ours and I hit the bed right after eating pongal. I had a nice 2 hours sleep while my brother and amma taking care of Bingo. Apart from that, we didn’t do anything special for pongal. Even the karumbu we bought lies un-touched. Hope I will eat it today. Leaving you with few pictures:


Pongal paanai kolam dedicated to Tharani 😀


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