Kite Festival – Day 15

Published January 15, 2015 by Bingo's Mom

Few days back BD sent a mail to me asking whether I would be interested in going to uthrayan festival organised by Gujarati Association here. I was sceptical for 2 reasons. I don’t know how to fly kites and most people will converse in Gujarati there (later I found these two reasons were stupid). But when BD said the menu has undhiyu, I accepted immediately 😀

We went there after buying some 10-12 kites. Bingo was bugging us saying she wants to fly the kite. We bought her one small size kite. The wind was not that much great. We had tough time initially. When our kite started flying a bit, it was time for lunch. The menu was:

Fresh vegetables



Channa masala

Jeera Rice




We ate just like there is no tomorrow 😀 After lunch we had nice time flying kite. Our body let out some sweat after a long time. Sugar cane and sesame laddus were served on the side. Bingo enjoyed everything. We stopped at 4 and decided to go home as I had to buy flowers, fruits and vegetables for Pongal. I was happy that BD recalled his Baroda memories and enjoyed the day 🙂


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