Let’s cook up a Story – Day 13

Published January 13, 2015 by Bingo's Mom

Summerscript came with this wonderful idea of story tag. She started a story and tagged me to continue and I am tagging Tharani to continue the story. You can find rules for this in SS’s blog.

Here is my version of the story and it continued from here

“I know you are in there Mira.. Now come out…” shouted Sid.

Mira felt tired. She does not want to open the door. She hoped he will go away like he always does; but he didn’t.

Sid stood at the other side of the door hoping Mira will open the door. He felt sorry for Mira as he had to shout at her. He was thinking about the last time they met at the restaurant and recalled the faint memory of her going away from him with confused mind. He thought she would turn back to look at him just like in movies but she didn’t.

Sid’s thoughts were disturbed by cool breeze. He took a deep breath and turned to knock the door again but surprised to see Mira standing there.

“Mira, happy to see you. I just came to….”

Mira stopped him by raising her hand.

“Sid.. come inside, please. Let’s talk”


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