Dear Ani and Maya – Day 12

Published January 12, 2015 by Bingo's Mom

Posting song is not an easy job. It requires time and little work as well. See the work involved:

Pick one song from ocean of songs

Check it on YouTube

Copy the link

Open WP

Create new post

Give heading and make sure you entered the correct number

Paste links

Type out little details

Preview the post




Every Saturday it shall be favourite tunes in my blog 😀

10 comments on “Dear Ani and Maya – Day 12

  • Shhabbaa.. ivol velai irukka? sorry-nga.. oru arva kolarulae sollitaen.. Still am happy about the comment as now I got a mention in one of your post title he he hee… kalvetulae enga perai padhichomlaaa eppudii??? ***running away***

  • Boiling water is not an easy job. You need to –
    Open the cupboard
    Take a saucepan
    Fill it with water
    Switch on the stove
    Keep the filled saucepan on the stove
    Wait patiently till it boils
    Switch off the stove, and
    Finally the water is boiled.


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