Advertisements – Day 9

Published January 9, 2015 by Bingo's Mom

While answering Visha’s question yesterday about advertisement, I went on recollecting more and more advertisements and it was very nostalgic. Here are few:

My top favourite of the lot:

Who can forget this:

We believed only north indians ride scooter:

I used to laugh for this ad and I don’t know why:

If you are not aware of this one, you are not a Tamil speaking person:

I LOVED the bride in this ad:

I was fascinated to see elephant in this one:

Last one – this is not an ad but was a national anthem once 😀



12 comments on “Advertisements – Day 9

  • Except for the first and fifth one, I remember all other ads. Even ads in those days had content and good music. Now girls seduce mangoes, walls and perfumes are also used to seduce only. And lets not talk about music!

  • you made my day BM.. hamara bajaj and titan kindled so many memories.. hamara bajaj because we owned bajaj scooter during my school days and titan because amma gifted me latest titan model watch for my 10th standard board exam.. The watch was Rs.999/- and it was very costly on those days.. thanks for the videos..

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