Things I Observed on Temple Visits – Day 2

Published January 2, 2015 by Bingo's Mom
  • Leave your footwear in the car itself otherwise be prepared to walk with one sandal for a kilometer to find its pair.
  • Pushing is absolutely normal but choose your dress accordingly before going to temple otherwise your dupatta might be used as a barricade as you will be holding one end while some other person holds the other end.
  • If you forgot how to pray particular god, you can always create your own style like putting some of the holy ash in your eyes, everyone who sees this will follow and they will create a story which will spread like a wild-fire and soon the temple will run out of holy ash.
  • If you go on a free darshan line you have every right to scold people who got ticket for Rs.100
  • Be prepared to get scolding from pandits if you don’t offer them money for the pinch of holy ash they throw on your hand. Remember anything less than Rs.10 will get you more scolding.
  • The most successful business is car parking contract near any temple. Earlier we used to find the temple through gopurams. Now whenever you see a person coming from nowhere holding pink colour receipt book, you can assume a temple nearby.

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