Happy New Year – Day 1

Published January 1, 2015 by Bingo's Mom

I really thank the person who thought I can do this marathon. Last year it was my (stupid) idea of doing year long marathon. I know she also thought the same but in spite of that, she kept on encouraging me now and then because, that is her sweet nature and in fact without her help I could have not published some of my posts. When I went to my mother’s place for summer vacation, I was not able to access internet. I just asked her whether she can help, she agreed immediately. I sent her post which was drafted in mobile as text message and she published it on my blog.

I have posted many times at the nick of the moment. Some days I used to feel really sleepy and tired at 9 in the night yet I remember to post. During those days I sleep for 2 hours and wake up at 11 p.m. I post after my short nap and continue to sleep. I have scheduled and re-scheduled many posts. Some days I used to feel I have to share many things in blog but my poor articulating skill stopped me.

Though I have been reading blogs for years, last year I started interacting with bloggers; both personally and virtually. It was one of the best things happened to me in my life. I learnt a lot. I explored a lot. I got more confidence on myself. In short, I started over coming my low self esteem. I stopped judging people. Well, almost.

When I missed to post few days back, I thought of stop posting thereafter. She comforted me saying that was Christmas vacation. Yes, I am back from my vacation.

Thank you Seema for initiating this. Let’s begin (Lingaa style) the marathon, folks.


23 comments on “Happy New Year – Day 1

  • Happy new year! Congrats on the first post of the marathon 🙂 I have shared a pre-configured dashboard including all blogs participating in the blogathon! Do check it out on my blog if you are interested.

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