Travelling and me

Published December 9, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I like train travelling except of course loo visit. I hate bus travelling to the core though I like city buses. Commuting between cities in a bus is a big no for me. Airplane is convenient and time-saving but when I calculate the cost incurred I used to feel guilty for 2 days.

Coming to the packing I just love it. Not that I pack everything perfectly but I enjoy the process. First I used to keep the suitcase accessible before two days of actual travel and I kept putting things and dresses inside now and then. Once I feel I have collected everything I will start packing and once done I used to move the suitcase from room to hall for the reason unknown to me.

When Bingo was not there we used to book only SL and SU in train so that no one will stare at us if ‘they’ want to sleep. Now, I desperately look for lower seat because I and Bingo have to sleep in one seat.

I prefer to carry food from home and idly tops my list. My MIL loves to carry paratas and curd rice whenever she travels. I don’t worry about only if the train is Pallavan Express. If it is a road trip like families going together I prefer to eat out.

Imagine this, once we went Basar temple for which I and my MIL woke up at 4 and made breakfast and lunch. Packed 3 extra bags for food and we even carried tea in a flask and I was already tired by the time we got into the car because I had Bingo as well to take care. Next comes the Rameswaram trip. We planned to take our cousins as well so totally we were 8 people including Bingo. I suggested to carry Lemon rice or tamarind rice or something but my MIL insisted to take paratas and curd rice. I started making parata in the evening around 5 and finished at 7.30 and I have this image of BM-used-to-make-best-paratas so I ended up preparing it all by myself from cutting to kneading to rolling to cooking to packing to cleaning. Once I finish everything I got angry on BD as we were visiting the temple for the sake of him. I am laughing now when I think of it but I was so mad at him then.

Today I did travel shopping of buying aluminium foil papers, boxes, napkins, hand sanitizer etc. I have two days left. This time it’s a long vacation though I am taking a break in Madras for few days. Today I don’t know whether it is jinx or something Bingo fell down in school and got hurt in her left eyebrow and I got hurt by Shopping trolley and on top of it I am having cold and cough. Overall my mood is neutral about my travel. I am neither happy nor unhappy. Fingers crossed.


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