Winter Bazar…

Published December 7, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

…is a name of an event that held in Bingo’s school today. Actually it happens every year. Last year we went really late because we decided not visit but then suddenly we decided to go.

This year also I was almost going to miss the event. Yesterday I got cold and fever and today I could not open my eyes in the morning. There are two things which made me to go; one – I missed diwali mela that held in Bingo’s school; second – Indu told she will bring some books for me 😀 The event was good and things were pretty expensive. We bought one natural drink mix, some herbal shikakai shampoo and organic chikku. Bingo tried her hands with chocolate making. No, it is not making chocolate from scratch or something. It is like the in-charge lady will double boil the chocolate and give it to the kids in a bowl and the kids can pour it in a chocolate mould and decorate it with nuts and nuts powder.

After the event we went to Indu’s house (yes.. again I visited her :-D) and came back after eating yummilicious egg biryani. Here are some pictures.

Bingo in the process of making (!!) chocolate:

IMG-20141207-WA0001 copy

The final outcome:Photo0717

Bingo and family posing for a picture while Bingo was happy to wear that pagadi:

IMG-20141207-WA0003 copy


4 comments on “Winter Bazar…

  • Madam, unga kadamai unarchiku oru alave elama poyitu. Amidst of fever and cold you are posting. Great. Hope u feel better soon. And glad u had good time at the bazar and at Indu’s place. (En vayithu erichala kelapati thookam varada ungalaku? 😉 😉 )

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