Protected: Stress

Published December 4, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

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2 comments on “Protected: Stress

  • hugs BM.. I totally understand what you say.. Have been there.. we tend to take our pressure out on our kids which is a big big NO NO… I curse myself as an aftermath every time I do it and promise to never repeat it.. every single time..
    tight hugs..

  • Hugs BM. One of my best friend + married to second cousin has a baby and she was born just a few days after volt. We (myself my friend my second cousin ) discuss the milestones very frankly without any comparison..In fact we talked about ‘milestones’ if you can call it so during pregnancy itself. But one of my aunt she keeps asking me what volt is doing and compares it with my friend’s kid.
    The point is we cannot stop this comparison business.If not use someone else around us will always keep comparing.Sometimes it becomes unbearable.That too when a close relative does this comparison it is a pain.keep cool.
    And about yelling at kids – almost everyone I have spoken with has done that and felt sorry. Sometimes it happens.Don’t be too hard on yourself.

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