Photo Post – 3

Published December 3, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Yesterday while I was copying photos from a memory card, I found so many interesting pictures and I started rewinding the incidents related to those picture. Few of them are here:

* This was taken when Bingo was going to play school. This was for a event and every kid had to dress like a flower or anything related to flower. I got some flower and butterfly stickers from nearby stationary shop and I plucked few flowers from an artificial flower bunch and I stitched those flowers in her dress. Then I pasted the stickers randomly on her dress. I asked her to say, ‘I love flowers and am a flower garden’ to introduce herself at school 🙂

* This is for last year (2013) teachers’ day celebration. We decided to send card to her teacher and we thought about it only in the morning. I prepared this card in 5 minutes. The centre part yellow color circle was from a tissue paper and those small circles were from left over crêpe paper that we bought for Bingo’s birthday and the centre part flower is from a broken hair clip of my darling ‘S’. And not to forget, I didn’t have any chart paper in hand and I used a chart like paper that we used to get with new shirts which they use it to keep the folding in place; it was taken from one of BD’s new shirts 😀


And this was the dinner I prepared for our anniversary as BD could not come early to visit any restaurant 🙂


One common thing with these pictures are that I arranged everything at the nick of the moment and I think I work better under pressure 🙂


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