grrr moments at super market

Published November 26, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

*Super market is a place to buy groceries and like. It’s not a place to show your anger on your kid / husband / wife. Don’t wash your dirty linen at public.

*When the space between two racks are only 3 feet, you are not supposed to keep  your trolley across and continue to read all the matter that printed on the backside of a pack.

*’Bacha hai’ – I hate this excuse. Kid use the trolley as scooter and hit some one – ‘bacha hai na’. Kid takes a pack of biscuit and starts eating it, when the staff ask you not to eat anything inside the shop – ‘bacha hai na’. Kid takes a tomato and explore it to see what happens when squeezed -‘bacha hai na’.

*Please understand everyone has to go home and everyone has work at home. Don’t get so disappointed when asked not to skip the queue.

*Talking about queue, holding only 3 items in hand does not qualify you to cut the queue and go directly to the billing counter.

*Finish your entire shopping before come to billing counter. Don’t go and pick something you forgot without paying the bill while the billing is over and other people are waiting.

In short, have some common sense.


9 comments on “grrr moments at super market

  • Romba correct ah soneenge.. Good one 🙂 by the way, getting hit by that shopping trolley hurts. Last weekend i got hit by it not once but twice.. By a big lady n not her kid. I gave her the look that could burn her, such was my pain.

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