Published November 23, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Bingo’s school teaches many things via songs. While singing songs the teachers used to play some instruments too. Bingo already  fascinated  by flute.

Today she decided to pretend play and she arranged her toys around her and kept one pencil box in front of her and started playing xylophone by using pencil as stick.

She even gave instructions to her toys while arranging and there is one toy which cannot be kept in sitting position. She tried 2 times and she could not make it to sit. Then she asked that toy, “are you not feeling well? it’s ok, come sit on my lap” then she took the toy and kept it on her lap and again asked the toy “feeling better?” and started singing some song playing ‘her’ xylophone while I went out of the room forgetting to take my jaw that fell on the floor.



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