Happy.. Happy..

Published November 20, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Travelling to Madras again with Bingo for my brother’s wedding purchase. Did I tell you he is getting married? Yes, he is getting married on February 23rd. We, I and my sister, have to act like a responsible SILs now. Hehehe… Every other day we call each other to discuss about the wedding, how we should tease the girl, how to find out a way to cut our brother’s long hair and make him look like a bridegroom, where to buy dresses and on and on and on. This will be the last marriage in our family. These are the time when I feel bad for staying away from them. I am all geared up for the marriage and so is my family.

This time I am going to miss book fair but my brother asked me to make a list so that he will get it for me. How sweet no? NO. Now he HAS to rely on me until his marriage. My parents told whatever decided by me will be final decision for marriage preparations and plans 😀

So, here I am browsing ‘n’ number of sites and planning for the day 🙂


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