Published November 3, 2014 by Bingo's Mom


My SIL sent this silai (sewing) machine to me as she was not using it. I got so excited as I was planning to learn sewing (what?! I know I said that in January but… but…). Today I got all geared up and took it from the box and read the instruction manual 100 times and spent one hour in assembling and putting the upper thread and bobbin in place. uff. Once assembling was done, I took a small piece and started stitching it. It went backwards. heh. I spent some time in figuring out how to hold, stitch etc. Then it was time for Bingo’s bath and I left it there. Bingo took a look at the machine and asked me:

Bingo – What is this?

BM – This is a machine for stitching cloths.

Bingo – Will you stitch my cloths in this?

BM – Yes, but I guess it will take more time for me.

Bingo – Why?

BM – I have to learn how to stitch.

Bingo – I know how to stitch. Can I do?

BM – No, kids should not touch it. Only big people will do. You are so small.

Bingo – I am big.. I am big.

BM – No, you are not.

Bingo (without a pause) – Yesterday when I was washing my hands in the wash basin you told me I am grown up now and I can wash my hands all by myself.

BM – !!!!!


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