Bingo is…

Published October 30, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

…my MIL. She always boss over me and instructs me and scolds me and advices me and what not.

When I don’t wear pottu – ‘Where is your bindhi?’

When I  wear pottu – ‘why your bindhi is so small. Put the bigger one’ and she ensures I put one.

I threw a spoon in the sink while I was cooking in a hurry – ‘Why are you making noise? You should not throw the spoon. Put it slowly’

In the morning, just before she goes to school – ‘I will come back in the afternoon and then we will go out to play. You should not cry for me ok? I will be back. You just do something in the kitchen and I will come soon, ok? Now go inside. bye.’

and one day I didn’t give lunch to BD. She saw his lunch box in the kitchen and asked me:

Bingo – Why daddy’s lunch box is here?

BM – Because I didn’t give him lunch today.

Bingo – Mummy, you should not do like that. You should give lunch to daddy.

She is definitely my MIL.


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