Tooshh… toop… damaal….

Published October 23, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I am scared of crackers, especially the loud ones. I never burst noise making crackers in my life. Today we had invited one of our friends to our house in the evening and we went together to burst crackers. Normally I stay at home while others in the house go to burst crackers but, today for courtesy sake I went with them.I kept closing my ears with my hand not bothering about others and I stood behind. There were so many people bursting crackers and there was only little space for the crowd. Suddenly a bomb kind of cracker went wrong while bursting and something hit me very hard. I quickly checked for fire injury but it was not there. I rushed home to check and that place (in my thigh) become reddish and I felt (still feeling) mild burning sensation there.

Though I was about to write the food I made and the fun we had, I could not write anything more than this as I am typing this in half sleep. Apart from the above incident Diwali went on well 🙂

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