Special Talents

Published October 14, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

My recent visit to my sister’s place made me go awe with my niece. She is just 14 and she is into

– Mehndi Designing

– Jewellery Making

– Quilling

– Painting

She is good at mehndi designing and rest she started recently and does a fair job. Since the time I came here and wasting my time at home, I thought of learning something useful and utilise my time properly. I felt really bad when my friend asked me whether I can draw mehndi on her hand for Karwa Chauth. Actually she saw my hand with mehndi upto my arms. She thought I myself applied it as it was only on my left hand. I explained her that it was done by my niece. She was cribbing how she could not find any person for applying mehndi and even if she get someone they charge almost 1000 rupees. She even told me that she is ready to offer money if I can put even not-so-perfect mehndi. I laughed at her and we left the conversation there.

I could have helped my friend if I had known mehndi designing, I could have altered an oversized t shirt of Bingo by myself if I had known tailoring. I would have helped BD if I had known driving.



10 comments on “Special Talents

  • Its never too late and I am sure you must be having some or the other talent, one is writing and the other one must be hidden somewhere in some corner.
    Don’t tell you don’t have any because what others can’t do and you can is a talent for that other person na!

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