Conversation with My Brother – 3

Published October 13, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

BM – Do you drive car?

BMB – yes but ippothiku korangu pedal than poduven

BM – Look at my macbook. It has features like…

BMB – Adhellam irukkattum.. windows button enga kanom? Yemandhuttiya?

BM – You could not book ticket in tatkal no? Are you going by bus?

BMB – How are you going?

BM – I am going by airplane.

BMB – Is there separate ticket for Bingo?

BM – Yes

BMB – Then, I will sit on that seat and you make Bingo to sit on your lap.

BM – We have mentioned age and gender while booking.

BMB – Andha kozhandhaiye naanthan nu sollikaren.

BM – Meesai?

BMB – Bombay la ippothan operation mudinjadhu, 7 manikku thana kottidum nu sollikalam.


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