FF – 5

Published October 10, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Today it shall be tips for fast cooking.

  • When you buy coconut immediately grate it and store it in fridge. While I was woking, I used to keep idly in one burner and by the time it steams, I will be ready with coconut chutney. There are many variations for coconut chutney. I often follow these:
  1. Coconut, fried gram, green chilly and salt.

2. Coconut, fried gram, green chilly, salt and 2 pods of small garlic.

3. Coconut, fried gram, green chilly, salt and 2″ ginger.

4 Coconut, fried gram, green chilly, salt, tamarind and half a bunch slightly sauted coriander leaves.

  • I used to keep the vegetables ready and even sometimes cut them when I prepare evening tea / boiling milk.

  • Don’t cut all the vegetables and then start cooking. We can do it simultaneously.

  • There is one habit I got from my MIL. She will not switch off the stove once she start cooking until she finish it. In this way I can cook a meal of rice, sambar, rasam and curry within 45 minutes.

  • Planning a meal saves a lot of time.


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