Flight Saga

Published October 8, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I travelled alone with Bingo this time. She behaved good and got cookies from co-passenger for free 😉 We scanned our baggages and the aapicer stopped my suitcase and wanted to enquire something. He pointed out on something and asked me what it is. I told him it’s a tawa (BD’s grandma’s). He gave me a look and continued with his questions. Thanks to my amma who packed ‘maligai saamaans’ for a month. I explained everything and that not-so-satisfied officer wanted to open and check. So my dosakkal, unwashed cloths and n number of other things was exhibited for everyones view. Why god why. Once all the drama got over, Bingo wanted to go inside the scanner as well. Yeah… right.

We had 1 hour waiting time and she doesn’t want to sit at one place. We climbed up and down in the escalator for like 30 times. Then I took her inside child care room where we had a bed, sofa and a attached loo. We spent half an hour there and it was time to board the flight. We came out and waited for the announcement. When the air hostess was ready to make announcement, Bingo shouted, ‘mummy… toileeettt’. I took a deep breath and we visited toilet.

We boarded the flight and seated at our respective seat. Bingo noticed the food tray and she wanted to eat something just because to use it. And we spent some time in reading her books and then Bingo started talking to a uncle next seat. The air hostess arrived with snack trolley and Bingo wanted to buy cookie from that because someone in front of us bought it. She wanted to buy sandwich as well just because another passenger bought it. sigh. That sandwich costs 170 rupees :-O

Out came the biscuit from my hand bag but she refused to eat it. She wanted only ‘that’ cookie. I refused and told her she can eat this biscuit otherwise nothing. The uncle who sat next to us, who was talking to Bingo from the beginning, felt sorry for her and he bought a tin for her. I told him that I will return it after 10 minutes as she may not eat. He told he bought it for her. I offered him money but he refused saying Bingo reminds him of his grand daughter and shed two drops of tears…ok, he just said Bingo reminds him of his grand daughter.

When I came out of the airport in Hyderabad, it started raining. Initially I thought of using aero express bus but, next trip was almost 1.30 hours away so I took a taxi and Bingo slept as soon as we got into it. When we reached our apartment she woke up and said, ‘mummy, we came to Hyderabad’. It’s an awesome feeling to enter ‘our’ house even after a nice holiday 🙂

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