Navarathiri / Dussehra – Day 7

Published October 1, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I said bye to Srirangam and hi to Madras today. This trip was super hectic. Yesterday i didn’t go to temple to see Andal’s dance. We went to some other place and it was late when we came back.

This year they started keeping golu at Srirangam temple. We went to see that and I was told they have arranged it at the last moment.

It was good. I went expecting 11 or 13 steps golu but it was different set up there. Here are some pictures. Specially for DeeA who was asking for pictures 🙂

IMG-20140929-WA0012 IMG-20140929-WA0013 IMG-20140929-WA0015 IMG-20140929-WA0016 IMG-20140929-WA0018 IMG-20140929-WA0019 IMG-20140929-WA0020 IMG-20140929-WA0021 IMG-20140929-WA0022 IMG-20140929-WA0023 IMG-20140929-WA0024 IMG-20140929-WA0025


2 comments on “Navarathiri / Dussehra – Day 7

  • Thank you, thank you thank you so much BM! 🙂
    Frankly speaking, I have never seen a live Golu. Infact, I never knew about this concept before blogging. I had to google to know more about it:-D
    And these pictures are so so so pretty!
    Thank you for putting them!

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