Navarathiri / Dussehra – Day 5

Published September 29, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Today we saw an awesome dance by Andal (Andal is the name of Srirangam temple’s elephant). During Navarathiri, Andal dances for goddess Ranga Nachiyar (Lakshmi) and also plays mouth organ 🙂

I was pestering my in-laws for the past 4 days and finally we went today. Though we went half an hour before, we could not go anywhere near to Andal. But, what fun it was. We could not hear the music from mouth organ play as the crowd cheered madly for Andal. I want to go again tomorrow. Let’s see. My MIL says one cannot decide to visit Ranganathar; he himself should decide whether one can see him or not. Oh! God.. please allow me tomorrow to see your beloved Andal.

Leaving you with some blurred photos.


That’s her leaving after the performance 🙂



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