Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama

Published September 24, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

So, we reached railway station one hour before the scheduled time and we went to search for our compartment and we found it on the other end from where we got down from our local train. That’s not the story now. 
Ours was HA1 coach; when we reach it, we could not find our name in the chart. Panic attacked us there. Ours was 2 tier but, HA1 was mentioned as first class. We searched for TC but we were told he will be available after half an hour. We checked train number, date, etc. Everything was correct. We even wondered whether they have removed the coach for some reason or something like that. Then a coach attender came to our rescue and told us that HA1 was divided into two. It has 10 berth for first class and rest is converted into 2 tier. phew.
I know it is a small issue but at that moment our panicked mind worked very slowly or rather did not wort at all. I even thought of going back home.
Once i booked a midnight train instead of afternoon train and I shamelessly blamed
Railway time format for that.
I have so many memories connected to train journey which I and BD discuss often and laugh 🙂

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