Published September 22, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

So, my in-laws arrived at our place after 3 months of stay at my SIL’s place. From the time they arrived comparison story is going on between India and Belfast. Yes, the whole country with one city. sigh.

FIL’s perspective:

Internet is super speed.

No pollution.

No electricity problem.

No security issues.

Better social life.

Everyone has apple phone; even school children.

Quality of anything is the bestest. We can close our eyes and buy anything.

Traffic sense is awesome.

MIL’s perspective:

Onion is sweet and we don’t get tears while cutting.

They are not taking chpathi subzi lunch instead they eat sandwich and fruits.

They clean the house once a week and same is for laundry.

She made a big compromise of eating breakfast without taking bath.

No one is tying their hair (yaaru anga thalaiya katra?).

If we convert the price of anything to Indian rupee, we cannot buy anything (kaal kilo beans 1 pound).

No place for drying cloths in sunlight…. mkum.. no sunlight only.

So, as of now they are in confused state about timing and they sleep when we feel fresh and they are up and brisk when we want to hit the bed. Looking for more confused and fun filled days. Off to Tamilnadu tomorrow. Tata.


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