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Published September 18, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I read this in MiM’s blog and thoroughly enjoyed the answers given by her paati. I am taking it on my own (shamelessly) and I am passing this tag to following bloggers. You may share your experience or you may ask your amma / mil / grandma. And accepting this tag is purely optional 🙂 🙂






MM 🙂


1. Were the pregnancies planned?

When we planned nothing happened. It was unplanned.

2. Was I married at the time?

Yes. No interesting answer here.

3. Reactions?

Happy and feared to death.

4. Abortion an option?


5. My age then?


6. How did I find out?

I went for some other problem to doctor and she told she can see the sac. I was like sac?! what sac? Then pregnancy test was done.

7. Who did I tell first?


8. Due dates?

I had been given 2 due dates. Yes, there was confusion when I moved to Tamilnadu during my 7th month. My gyno here gave July 30 and later it changed to July 17 and Bingo born on July 20. phew.

9. Morning sickness?

Yes, very much.

10. What/who irritated me?

Everyone who shared some stories which one should not supposed to hear during pregnancy.

11. And the children are..

A new member to ‘our’ happy family.

12. Did I wish they were boys?

I and BD didn’t but someone else did. (yes, you guessed it right)

13. How many pounds did I gain?


14. Baby shower?

Yes and I loved it.

15. Complications?

Fluid level was low.

16. Where did I give birth?


17. How many hours in labour?

What labour?!

18. Who watched me give birth?

I don’t know. I was unconscious.

19. Natural or c-sec?


20. Pain medication taken?


21. Weight of the babies?

2.95 kg

22. What did we name them?

We named her after goddess durga as she born on Tamil month aadi.

23. How old are they?

3.2 years now.

24. What was my reaction after seeing them first time?

Happy and more happy.

25. Did you cry?

For giving birth? no. For the pain post delivery? YES


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