Published September 17, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

As most of the bloggers have atleast one post of their tweets, here are mine. Yes, I have twitter widget in my blog. Even if you are reading my tweets (no spitting here, okay?) regularly, it’s your bad time now to read them again or you may skip this post so, the choice is yours now.

Conversation with the husband. Topic – Similarities between Rahul Gandhi and Abhishek Bachchan

XYZ aunty is going to a mall to buy shoulder bag for her daughter, probably in leather. Yes, I eavesdropped. Where? in LIBRARY

There is something in reading newspaper from last page

Pot luck at husband’s office. Had to cook and pack for around 30 people

Reading the news online instead of watching in TV

Facebook to buy mobile messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion

2 chapatis and 1 bowl of dal for 3 rupees

I watched Dhoom 3 yesterday and I so heard ‘Aadiyila kaathadicha…’ song when they introduced second Aamir -i-nambinor-kaividapattar

okay, my kid is not using diaper anymore. I browsed for them an year back. Please stop sending offers on diaper

Jyothika is going to act in movies again says wife. This guy who acted in aashiqui2 is ‘kozhundhanar (BIL)’ to Vidya Balan says Husband

Amma – We are coming tomorrow

BM – ok

Amma – Shall I bring some vathakuzhambu?

BM – ~facepalm

Today one of those days where I feel happy for no reason. Decided not to browse internet / socialmedia / newspaper which may spoil my day

Falling at the feet of whoever found idly maavu

What is best in the morning? Waking up to see little sun light

Never knew ‘Dor’ was written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. I have seen the movie thrice before but noticed director name today

BM – Eat this pomegranate

Bingo – I want apple

abhi tum bhi ro

abhi tum bhi ro

zindaggi tum bhi ro

cheinubir mere dargambir

meri aasuppi abhi tum bhi ro – Bingo’s way of singing ‘tum hi ho’

Interesting? thank you. Not interesting? Oh.. well, thank you.


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