Book Shelf – August

Published September 14, 2014 by Bingo's Mom


Haven’t completed any book (entire book, that is). I am currently reading so many books simultaneously.

Interpreter of maladies – I wanted to start reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s books and I am glad I picked this.

Bombay Girl – I stopped it after reading some 100 pages and returned it to library. Will continue after some time, i guess.

A Feast of Roses – Haven’t touched.

And I am reading the following books (which I got from Maya to read) in such a way that I open any page and I continue read the topic. It’s fun actually.

Conversation with my god Maniratnam – I spent one week looking only at the photographs and re-calling my memory with those movies. Wow… a MUST read for Maniratnam fans.

Following fish – So, whenever I decide to read only one chapter in this book and I end up in reading more than that. This is surely an addictive kind of book.

If it is Monday it must be Madurai – Such a nice book that it will make you smile or even laugh when you read.


Search inside yourself – No comments 🙂


Ladybird Favourite Fairy Tales – Especially read the Little Red Riding hood and Cinderella for atleast 50 times ~rolls eyes~

Just Keep Swimming (from library) – It’s a ok kind of book and after seeing the price in flipkart I thought it’s not worth the money.

Goloo (from library) – Bingo especially loved the pictures and the story ends with an advice. I laughed after reading that.

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