Arnab Goswami

Published September 11, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

The news hour show is nothing less than a serial. The success of the show lies in Arnab’s master art of not letting people finish their sentence/view/opinion. Why can’t he wait untill other party finishes their views; however right or wrong it may be. So at the end of (every) show, I swear myself not to watch this show hereafter but I watch it every other day. It’s fun sometimes but irritating most of the times. Isn’t it?


Picture from Google akka.


8 comments on “Arnab Goswami

  • He invites too many people in the first place. And he comes with his own views on the subject that he expects everyone to say. If the speaker has ‘polished’ English he gives them some time to finish… Others views are interjected abruptly by Arnab or some other nuisance that participates in the show.

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