Amma’s Worry

Published September 9, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Last Sunday one of my relatives who lives here visited us in the evening and I planned to ask them to stay until dinner. In the afternoon, amma called casually and I told her the plan.

BM – Amma, V is coming here and I thought of asking them to stay for dinner.

Amma – Is he coming with his wife?

BM – ofcourse, now don’t ask me whether their kid is coming or not.

Amma – Cook some nice food.

BM – Why are you insisting?

Amma – You don’t get anything. They will talk about it when they visit our common relatives. 

BM – Whatever

Amma – Aiyo Muruga, I just remembered. Please wear your thali, metti and bangle when they visit you.

BM – maa.. (gritting my teeth)

Amma – I know you are not wearing these at home or unless your in-laws visit you but at least wear it today otherwise the news will spread here like fire.

BM – Amma, I think people have better things to do instead of worrying about my metti.

Amma – You never get it. Do what I say. It’s for your good I am insisting. Then it is up to you.

BM – Whatever.


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