It was a long tiring day – part 2

Published September 8, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

So, I call and wish her on Teacher’s day. Then I called BD who was in park with Bingo and fix a timeline; if the bus is not coming within that time, I told him to bring her back home. Which means Bingo will be having 4 days of holiday. She came home and informed bus didn’t come so there is no school today. I rolled my eyes and went back to vazhichufy maavu from grinder. 

Amidst of all this I forgot that my maid is yet to come. Yeah you guessed it right. She decided to take off for the reason unknown even to her. I took a deep breath. First I put bedspreads in the washing machine. Yes, I soaked them in the morning. Then I took bath and cooked breakfast and lunch. Bingo wanted to eat apple so I gave her some slices.

Mummy, cut them small.


I don’t want this (pointing out apple’s skin)


Put it in a bowl, just like I eat in school.


And this is an example for how we do a simple job. Then I sorted out the groceries and veggies. Dried bedspreads and put our cloths for washing. Mixed the idly batter and kept it for fermenting. Cleaned pathrams and grinder. And I came to see Bingo making ball of newspapers and dumping it under teapoy. For a moment I thought keeping it back properly then I left because she will be doing this all through the day. Better to arrange everything at the end of the day.

I pretend to clean the floor and we sat for lunch. Fast forward 45 minutes, we are done with our lunch with dried plate and even more dried hand. In the evening we went down for a walk and Bingo was off to bed by 8. My point is, i never did grocery shopping, idly batter grinding, bedspread washing, utensil cleaning floor cleaning and attending Bingo at home full day in a day. So, it was a long tiring day which followed by a good night sleep 🙂 🙂


13 comments on “It was a long tiring day – part 2

  • Phew! My maid has not been in for 4 days in a row now and added to that, I had to cook for 10 people day before 🙄 So I can relate to the post better at this point 😉 Hugs 🙂

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