It was a long tiring day

Published September 7, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

er… not today but day before yesterday. 

Thursday night I thought experimenting something so I soaked rice and dhal for idly batter to check if it ok to soak them overnight and grind them on next day morning, not knowing the fact that something else is for me on store.

So, Friday morning while BD went to drop Bingo in the bus bay, I got down at the supermarket and asked BD to pick me up on his way back. I bought kgs of vegetable and yeah there was a huge discount on lizol for 3 liters bottle so I took it than my usual one liter bottle, thinking anyways I will be going in the scooter so no need of worrying about the weight. By the time I finish billing and all I get a call that Bingo’s school bus got struck in the first pick up spot itself. I called BD and informed and asked him to inform others as well who are waiting there. Now, I cannot wait for him in the supermarket as I was not sure when he will come so, I have to carry this bag as home delivery will start after 9. So, I carried everything all the way back home.

Once I reach home, I made few calls to follow up with the issue. In between, I had to call my professor for the reason I mention here. To be continued tomorrow….



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